Couples Connection Assessment – Section 1 – Set the Foundation for Dating Success

Measure 4 — Regardless of what amount your spouse writes down, refrain from responding negatively to your spouse’s scores.  Be supportive; don’t become defensive, resentful, or mad.  Start to make security in the connection by thanking your spouse for being able to trust you by discussing their true thoughts and feelings.

How can you score?  When this part was finished by you, were you surprised by the answers of your partner.  It’s extremely telling if you turn toward one another and say,”I’d no idea you felt like that”  The procedure is begun by comprehension.  The evaluation will illustrate weaknesses and strengths which your spouse and you bring to your relationship.  I invite you to finish all 7 of those Couples Relationship Assessments. 

The initial step in any process of change will be to develop the simple consciousness that some kind of change is required After gaining consciousness, you’ll want to earn a strong commitment to follow the route that contributes to a preferred result. 
May you always stay each other’s…

_______  _______ – 5 – I’m dedicated to understanding and possessing my participation to conflicts within our connection.

_______  _______ – 6 – I reveal respect and compassion to feelings and my spouse’s ideas.
In Part 1 of this Couples Relationship Assessment, you’ll score announcements which correspond to the next chapters out of The Journey from”I-TO-WE” Book and Companion Workbook. 

_______  _______ – 1 – I’m committed to providing 100 percent effort and finishing this program.

The Couples Relationship Assessment is split.   
Measure 3 — Once you have finished all those subjects, complete each the scores in each subject, and write the amount in the area marked Topic Score. Let each other know, If you and your spouse have completed scoring your Assessments.

_______  _______ – 9 – I’m committed to studying my spouse’s Relationship Languages and talking them daily.

_______  _______ — Topic Score
_______  _______ – 4 – I’m dedicated to being honest, honest and genuine together with my spouse.

From now until eternity,
_______  _______ – 6 – I’m committed to talk, listen, understand, support and empathize with my spouse in a conscientious way.

Creating a dedication involves making a promise to accept personal responsibility for actions, your own words, and behaviors and to alter.  Then your voice will function as your guide, In case the commitment originates out of your heart and spirit.  Listen to your conscience and be true to your spouse, your self, and your devotion.  The commitment’s intention is to build trust, security and confidence to provide the benefit of the doubt to each other.
_______  _______ – 7 – I’m dedicated to admitting my own denials, confronting my fears, and being honest with my spouse and myself.

My expectation is that this evaluation show is a manual for your beginning on a journey as you Start to cross the bridge.   Don’t forget to live daily honoring The 12 Principles of Intelligent Relationships.
_______  _______ – 8 – I screen a attitude, attribute, utilize darts, do not become defensive, or create decisions that are disrespectful.
The identical view is not shared by any two people.  Recognition and comprehension of the viewpoints of your partner are precursors to communication that is healthy.  Insight is a necessity for the feelings of security.  Co-Create and you are to alter the connection of your dreams As soon as you start to know one another’s perspectives of the current condition of the connection.

Measure 8 — At the”Our Dating Assessment” segment, with a black pencil, put a checkmark to the left of each subject heading with a entire Percentage Score of 80 or over.  Celebrate those and concentrate on the advantages they bring to a connection.

_______  _______ – two – my message is delivered by me to my spouse in a respectful, honest, calm, secure, and loving way.
Chapter 2 – Create Your Record of Commitment
Are you prepared to start your journey to obtain the consciousness, learn the skills and training the methods to achieve relationship success in your home, at work and on your own?

Making an Emotionally Intelligent Relationship is comparable to constructing a house.  It begins with making your aims, communicating your expectations and dreams, and laying.  With teamwork, the vision will become a fact.
You’ve spent a bit of your lifetime listening and talking to grandparents, parents, friends, teachers, and colleagues if not all the time.  Why, then, can it be that your listening and speaking abilities appear to vanish after you have been for a particular period of time in a romantic relationship? 
Measure 7 — Complete your unique scores for each subject; split by 21.  Put the typical sums in the Proper Total Dating Score line in the conclusion of this”Our Dating Assessment.”  Add both proportions, divide by 2, and put the amount into the best of your personal Total Relationship Scores.  This is the percent score to your own assessment.

Measure 6 — Complete both your scores for every subject and split by 200 to find the percent score. 
Measure 1 — Your view of your self – speed your level of agreement with each statement on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a certain”yes” and 1 being a certain”no more .”  With a pen, compose your score.

The very first step in the procedure is to create a commitment to yourself, your connection, as well as your spouse.  To establish a sense of unity and a feeling of security is crucial.
_______  _______ – 8 – I’m committed to accepting complete personal responsibility for my words, actions, and behaviors.

_______  _______ – 10- I provide my spouse the time she or he wants to complete communicating feeling or a thought.
The Conscious Discussion Strategy –CDT– is Essential to the achievement of a connection.   Here is.
Partner for Life

_______  _______ – 3 – I listen and concentrate to my spouse talk about feelings and ideas.
_______  _______ – 5 – I affirm the points of view of my partner, even when I don’t agree.

_______  _______ – 9 – I mock, or minimize/invalidate, do not criticize feelings or my spouse’s ideas.
_______  _______ – two – I’m committed to maintaining our connection loving and safe.

Couples Connection Assessment

Part 1

In case you have problems, issues, ideas, and feelings to communicate, you won’t have the ability to communicate them listening and speaking strategies and skills.  This technique isn’t about solving conflicts.  It’s meant to assist you send messages in a fashion and release electricity, and comprehend the viewpoints of the other.
_______  _______ — Topic Score

The man or woman who would like to chat about a problem, problem, idea, or feeling is your Sender.  The person who wants to listen, comprehend, affirm, and empathize with all the Sender is your Receiver
Set the Foundation for Dating Success
Document your view of yourself score under your title.  Next, as soon as your spouse shares the entire subject score out of her or his workbook, record it under her or his title.

Measure 9 — Put a red X to the left of each subject heading which includes a percent score under 80.  Be conscious of those subjects that score between 60 and 79.  Here, you’ve got room to improve, but these places are somewhat less dire than any issues with scores under 60.  They’re the areasthat need the most instant attention.

_______  _______ – 7 – I don’t make it.
Measure two — Your outlook of your spouse – Pace your spouse according to the way you believe that the statement applies to him or her from the standpoint.  With a pen, compose your score.

As shown previously Should you think you are 100% dedicated, set a 10.  Put a 8 on the area, Should you feel your spouse is just 80% dedicated.

_______  _______ – 10 – I’m dedicated to enact positive change for my own benefit in addition to for my spouse and the connection.

_______  _______ – 1 – I understand how to request a dialogue appointment.

Section 1 steps 1-4.  Measure 5-9 will be finished at Section 7

_______  _______ – 3 – I’m committed to being emotionally present and emotionally accessible.
You’ll be hard pushed to discover the heart of your battle if you’re in the middle of relationship distress and chaos.  Becoming glued to issues and surface difficulties, you may identify with content while ignoring the rhythm of your connection dancing.  It’s not till you obtain the insight and self-awareness to appear deeply to your mirror which you start”knowing.”
Chapter 2 – Create Your Record of Commitment

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